Ophelia's Oasis Holistic Therapy, are unique as the focus is on providing holistic, beauty, yoga, cultural Education, Teacher Training , Therapeutic medical solutions & different types of trauma therapy. Online via zoom, in aid of extra support globally (due to the COVID restrictions) to unique individuals, couples, single parents, partner parents, Families, Clients, customers, medical patients, by still helping them ease pain while staying or working from home so they can continue to heal their most important self care, Mental health, Beauty & Holistic / medical needs.

Ophelia Natasha - Qualified Professional Authentic Cultural Trauma Education Therapist, Holistic, Beauty & Yoga Teacher Trainer, Therapeutic pain solutions meditation guide & trainee Phlebotomist. She is Very passionate about providing extra natural value to the worth of your life, daily home, family, work routine, with products, Natures help and Healing solutions.

A variety of High Quality services to choose from, sure you'll be happy to have amazing life changing experiences. receive more Unity & specialised, Confidential Personal Treatment Therapy in a safe, comfortable atmosphere.

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